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He is waiting for me to fix the problem by myself, but he also let me know that he's ok if we leave the sex out for as long as it takes. I think that could spell the end of our marriage over time.

What we have now is a friendly marriage, in which he works very hard for me, treats me with kindness and devotion, and wants to do what he can to make things work.
Mutually exclusive... .or really super honest? He is willing to do what he can, but what he CAN do... falls short of what is needed?

It's hard to feel desire for someone who is not present. Not just in body but in heart.

It's hard to feel desire for someone who tends to you... but like a thing and not a person. You are a not a car to wash, wax, spend money on to maintain. Caring for your physical needs of house and home matters is not caring for your heart and your emotional needs.

Could he list what he IS willing to do to create emotional closeness?

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