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nycindie, and any of our other noreasters, I hope you all survived the blizzard.

Jane, thanks for the drop of sunshine!

Me, I've had a redonkulus flu, and pretty much have been in my apartment since 1/30. I was at work two half days last week, then couldn't breathe on Tuesday night. Against my own judgement, and at the urging of advice nurse and my doc (who happened to be the doc on call that night) went to the ER. Stupid. I sat there four hours, no one who had been there when I arrived got seen, so I came home (I was afraid with lack of sleep I wouldn't be able to get home if I stayed)(and I knew I wasn't bad enough to be admitted). Slept all day, talked to my sweet FBF, and he said 'call me back if you die.' (I kept joking about it)

Not five minutes after I hung up from him, I started full-blown norovirus symptoms. Lost five pounds in 6ish hours. Again, nurse & docs freak out. I must be seen. Ah, no. Not making that mistake again. My clinic had no appointments and wanted me to go to urgent care. So I could get another virus? I think not.

Yesterday, I put shoes on for the first time in three days. Felt like my life force was returning. I wanted to go out and PLAY. Fortunately, I didn't. Because today, I pretty much feel like death might be more pleasant again.

So grateful to be part of this forum so I don't feel quite so isolated.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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