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Hello, everyone! If anyone's read the recent post from Rhaenes, I'm the elusive "S" she mentioned. For those that haven't read her post, here's the shortest version of this story that will ever be told: I fell for a college boy who happened to be R's boyfriend of three years, and him for me. Now we're here. Obviously it wasn't that simple, but I'm a failure of a writing major and far too lazy to put any more detail into this at the moment. We're all still kind of experimenting with the idea of being in a poly relationship and kind of learning as we go along, so we decided to talk with others who have more experience with this who can help us along the way, whether by offering advice or just being there to be supportive when we need it. I'm looking forward to meeting new people and hearing everyone's stories, so if you're looking to chat I'm always around!
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