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that sucks. unfortunately your basic situation is not that uncommon.

you don't seem to be asking any questions, so i am going to tell you in short order what my first thought was upon reading your post:

"Just wait 'til this guy's wife meets the next guy she wants to get with. Suddenly it's gonna be all, 'But - but i was HURT and CONFUSED because i had just lost MARK [that's was the other guy's name, right? Mark? ipod, lazy, etc...], and I had to share YOU with someone ELSE [can't remember the other lady's name], and I had no one to BE with while you two were together, etc. etc. and i just didn't know what else to DO. But now I'm older and wiser and i won't change my mind again. I just NEED to TRY once more... I KNOW that with the RIGHT PERSON this can work... etc."

Of course, by "the right person", she means the right person for HER. If YOU were to find another girlfriend and jennifer's relationship goes south again, it's gonna be all, "Wah! I have to SHARE you! I don't WANNA!" again.

The End.
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