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Originally Posted by COSindustry View Post
Okay I have always just lived poly, never really found anything online or looked. there is a reason for our recent outing online that may come out one day.

Seriously though is there such thing as romantic polyamory? it is ridiculous. We have recently joined some websites: (yes we are BDSM freaks :P) Polyamory date and a few smaller ones. they are so sex based and crazy. We just want some courtship, a date, some romance is it to much to ask to find a single girl that wants to be treated like a princess and a whore :P
I, too, don't understand what you're really asking. Are you saying "romantic polyamory" is ridiculous? Or that the internet is ridiculous when you attempt to look for it?

And probably... looking for someone to treat like a whore will be an obstacle in finding a romantic princess...
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