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Originally Posted by Ythill View Post
ThatGirlInGray, now you're trying to justify suggesting dishonesty? LOL. Get a clue.
Just for the record, TGIG is a respected member of this forum and you're just some nobody who came along acting all self-entitled and judgemental. Of course, you have no reason to care if you're making yourself look bad to strangers on the internet. I'm just sayin', you are.

Sure, relationships work best when everyone is honest. But you know what else they need? Respect, boundaries, and consideration. If you're not willing to provide the last 3, why should you expect to receive the first?

I happen to agree that there are situations that require little fibs in order to protect yourself. In this case, it's situations where someone is not being treated with respect and consideration. Respect begets respect and disrespect begets disrespect. You reap what you sow. I could turn this around and come up with examples of how you've been dishonest, e.g. leading Yumi to believe that date nights were something special that would have some kind of consideration in your life.

And all of that pales in comparison to not only dating someone who has no respect for your existing relationships, but then allowing that person to move in with you. What does S think about that? Is B going to respect the fact that it's S's house first, and B is living there as a guest because she's in a tight spot? Or is she going to storm in and take over the place, thinking that because she's your co-primary and it's "her house now" that she has the right to do whatever she wants there? Past behaviour tends to speak more towards future behaviour than does wishful thinking.
As I am sure any cat owner will be able to tell you,
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