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Smile Hi kclynn

I wanted to say thank you for your response, and your kind words. It would be great to talk with other people who are struggling a bit with the process of getting our skills to grow.

I think I need to really look at how unproductive my old patterns are. In terms of dead horses, I don't know if it's worth a huge amount of time to worry about the history behind it. Maybe what would truly help is to become aware of the patterns, recognize them consciously, and have a stategy in place for moving in the direction I need to go, instead of down the same rutted path. I don't want to spin in circles of "Why am I this way?" I just want to stop being this way!

That said, the Pidge does say she understands it's just the way I protect myself. I want to get to the point of not feeling so tender that I require that level of protection. The walls that should protect me isolate me, isn't that how it goes?

Anyway, I'm glad you're enoying my crazypants blog. I swear when you dig down to the root of it, you'll find the desire for a poly relationship. Maybe I can console myself by thinking that the experience of two people trying to find the right way to open a relationship has merit, along with the people who write about how it turned out later. Or, I can console myself with pie... Pie......
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