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Why did you agree to not see strippers if you knew that was the only kind of girl you would be able to meet? Why not tell her you need to change that agreement? You own your body and your time, they are yours to decide where and with whom to spend them. She can either accept that or find a new sugar daddy.

I don't see how you actually "screwed up" according to the parameters of your relationship. Before going out of town, your girlfriend broke up with you. You then had sex with a girl in your own bed. At that point, it was not a shared bed and she had no claim to it. She was not even paying rent, so she has no claim to the house. Most of all, she'd broken up with you before leaving, thus ending any "relationship agreements."

Going forward? You need to renegotiate your agreement. Now that you have a little more experience, you have a better idea of what you want and don't want. Clearly, "no strippers" is not going to work for you in your present situation, and runs counter to your desires. What difference does that make, anyway? Does she have a reason why you dating strippers is "bad?" Or does she just not like the competition?

You and she also need to define exactly what is meant by "open relationship." Does that mean friends with benefits, but no romantic attachments? That's probably unrealistic, given your recent experience. Clearly, she is pursuing more-than-friendship. Last time I checked, people don't buy cars for and "take care of" their "friends." Maybe it's nothing romantic to her. But then she's just using him, and that's not cool.

So she doesn't like stripping any more. That's cool, I can get that. But is that her one and only skill? Can she not get a job working in an office or bagging groceries? Of course, if you're willing to work 60 hours a week to support her, I can see why she wouldn't want to. But dude... why do you allow yourself to be used like that?

I have a whole host of other thoughts about your attitude and treatment/characterization of women, but they're not really relevant to this conversation.
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