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Originally Posted by constlady View Post
What I'd like to see in terms of legislation at this point in time is simple.
Any agency charged with determining the suitability of a particular home for children should not be basing their recommendation in any way on the parent/guardian's sex life, unless of course that sex life includes abuse of the children, which to my way of thinking is a totally separate issue.

me too, absolutely. we have acheived this in the UK largely because our government signed up to the universal declaration of human rights and went on to adopt european wide legislation to back it up. if any agency here were to judge a childcarer/parent based on their sexuality or sexual practises they would be in breach of this law and could be shown to be so. they didn't do so out of the goodness of their hearts (they are politicians after all!) but because of years and years of sustained pressure from citizens working together to fight for their/our rights.

if only the united states government could be persuaded of the merits of these rights.

a campaign to have the right to a private sex life and to not have your capacity to parent/care measured on the basis of your sex life would unite huge swathes of the population - from unmarried monogamous couples, to polyamorous people, swingers, lgbtqi folk, the bdsm community, promiscuous singletons, the list goes on.

i firmly believe that this is the best tactic because united we are stronger, divided we fall.

if you take into account all of the many ways that people love and share sex outside of marriage and/or monogamy, including so-called kinky or non-vanilla practises and including homosexuality and bisexuality too, i suspect we would find ourselves in the majority! certainly a block of potential voters to be taken seriously by those in power.

as long as each group fights its battle seperately and tries to distance themselves from other groups of people with "alternative" (alternative to what? who is normal and who is the majority?) lifestyle/sexual practises we are easy to dismiss. our strength is in our numbers.


ps as i have said i do understand your fear, and it is of course real and valid. however as long as you have access to high quality and supportive legal assistance i really doubt any court would take your children away from you without real evidence that the children were sufferering in your care, which i assume and trust they are not. unless i am missing something - is there a precedent in your state/area which i don't know about perhaps?

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