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Yeah. I guess I thought of 24/7 as being a testament to the subtle energy between the people involved, not necessarily being collared?

Like hanging out in the house because your partner doesn't want you to go out for the day/night. Or wearing a butt plug all day because he wants my ass to be more easily penetrable (and me to be that much ready!) when he walks in the door. Or texting or not texting, according to what she commands and desires. It means being at the others' beck and call and completely open, for whatever the dom would need/want/demand/desire, from clothing, to internet, to phone, to sex, to attitude, to whatever. That's what I mean by 24/7.

I could see it getting more intense as the situation allowed. These are the issues I wanted to talk about with D/s. Thank you for bringing it up. <3
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