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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I guess that would depend on the definition of discipline. I am very very much a masochist, so pretty much any from of pain is a reward, not a punishment. It plays out very differently with Runic Wolf (hubby) than it does with Wendigo (bf). With Runic Wolf it's very much S&M with less D/s; because of events in my childhood, I have difficulty with the idea that wives should submit to their husbands, and had a hard time with the concept of being submissive to him. Which was really hard for him because he's a wonderful man who is nothing like the abusive step father I grew up with, but we're easing into D/S because it triggers a strong need in me to fight back and be bratty/ bitchy.

With Wendigo, it's different. He isn't my husband, so I don't feel that automatic need to fight. That "your not the boss of me" mentality just isn't there. So definitely more S&M than D/s, but it's more like 60/40.

And with both of them D/s is a strictly an in the bedroom thing. I'm not into 24/7 D/s and I never will be. My masochist side is much stronger and I would be happy being a lovely shade of ouch 24/7, but that just isn't possible.

Interesting! I think that the way I am--the way I'm twisted and the way I've turned in my life--means I am cognizant of the 24/7 thing. So even though I'm too dominant to be sub 24/7, I suspect that my partner will be sub when I'm not.

And it would definitely exist outside the bedroom! That is what is so exciting about it. It's a lifestyle, not just another sex position or scene.

Thanks for sharing you thoughts.
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