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Gray, I am sorry you feel judged. I find the term hypersexual offensive, I guess. I've been a member of the LGBTQA (emphasis on bi and queer) since puberty, I am now 57, I've never heard the term before. And it's not like I've been living under a rock.

If it doesn't refer to sexual addiction, but just a craving for sex once or twice a day, I just don't find that "too much." As kdt is trying to point out, do you refer to yourself as "hyposexual" since you want sex so rarely? It seems to me you prefer the term "gray." I prefer the term "horny" to describe my desires. If your husband is not insulted by being called hyper, fine by me. His choice. Again, I find it vaguely insulting. Hypersexual is just a skosh away from saying oversexed, and hyposexual is just a jot away from saying undersexed or frigid. IMHO.

Do your "LGBTQA" community friends use the hypo term as well as hyper?

I do not mean to hurt anyone's feelings here. I am not harping on the term, just trying to clarify since it is new to me.

Also, I am not merely discussing the term, but also sharing my experiences of being unequally sexually matched with one of my partners, as you are, and how we handle it by luckily being polyamorous. I have also wished you and your h well in finding satisfaction for his desires with another partner (or more than one).
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