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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
Honestly, I don't get this "But since I'm a switch, they will need to submit to me as well." Personally, I'm a masochist and switch. I have two great guys who are able to satisfy my needs for pain and domination, but I would never expect them to be submissive to me. They just aren't submissive. And that's okay. We're polly, so I have the option of building a relationship with someone who is submissive if I choose to. I'm also bi-sexual, so I'd have the option of building a relationship with a female submissive if I felt like it too. The only problem I've encountered thus far is that there are a great many men who would love to worship the ground I walk on, submit to me, etc. And most women seem to be afraid that I'm looking for a unicorn and don't reply.

Well, I think that there are as many relationship variations as there are people.

If you prefer to have different partners fill different roles, then that is great for you.

Do you find that you do much discipline with your relationship with your 'guys'? Or is it more about S & M with them?
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