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Thank You. It's been quite a road of discovery for me.

Part of wanting a master is also just seeking the right mate for me. When I find someone worthy to mate with, who also wants to forego lusts of the flesh and other materialistic pursuits in exchange for greater depth and meaning in life and relationship, I will also find someone worthy to be my master. Someone who can discipline me. But since I'm a switch, they will need to submit to me as well.

I realize that is much harder for me than the general public. Most people just look for someone nice and attractive and they're set. I'm extremely discerning about finding a mate, a partner. That also applies to finding someone to share bodily love with. I find few people interesting to me enough to be sexual with (demi-sexual), much less to have an intense relationship with. But I think this is because trying to find someone to fit me is just not easy. I'm weird and I have a very dominating personality. And I am turned on by intelligence. All of these things make finding a mate very difficult. If someone will fit me, they will also be my Master.
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