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Default problem with bf

Hi everyone, me and my bf have been seeing each other for seven months, we are both on a swinger's site because that is how we keep in touch, in the past seven months he has only slept with me and one other woman, just once, they met off the swinger's site and we have said that we are mono and won't see anyone else.

the woman he met posted a comment saying something that she also said in a verification for him, it made me worry, the night she posted that, my bf said he was with a friend and stayed the night and he messaged me the next day saying he was tired ( maybe because he didn't get much sleep)

as I write this out, I understand I may get: do you trust him? and I want to say yes but its that little doubt in my mind, mostly because what she posted.

do you I talk to him, part of me doesn't want to with the fear of losing him but I know if I don't I may get these worries again and I don't want that.
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