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crisare i guess if i am upset by some of the posts here (not just yours i should add) it is because i read them as saying that i am not polyamorous and therefore not a part of this community. also because the unspoken message reflects wider society in that it rejects what it can't understand, or what is different to the writers own experience. above all because i see a prejudice against sex that is outside of an established relationship in a particular format.

sex negativity has been historically very dangerous, even fatal, for people i consider allies such as gay men, sexually active women, etc. i fear for myself and others when i see such views continuing, especially within an "alternative" community like this one.

like most people i have a desire to find connections, a community, that i can be part of. i got my hopes up here that i would find somewhat like-minded people (not that i would agree with everybody all the time, but that there would be a certain baseline eg. sex-positive, anti-racist, etc). i was therefore upset to find (or to feel that) there were prejudices amongst folk here on a subject that is so important to me.

most of what i have wanted to say on this subject i think i have said either here or in the thread about differences between poly and slutdom. the discussion on that thread seems to be ongoing and is proving fascinating to me, so i think i will stick to that thread now and not duplicate myself here.

here's to mutual understanding, regardless of the struggle it may take to get there!


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