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Originally Posted by Valentine View Post
I keep trying to get distance, and then I go back to it because I don't want to lose my place to the new partners or I want to prove something or I just like him and it hurts to end things over and over again.

This is so fucking unhealthy.
None of the added 'explanation' changes anything. I think you've summed it up nicely there, all by yourself.

I'm wondering why, exactly, it is that you like him? I don't like him, and I don't know, don't want to know him.

What is likeable about telling a woman who is your wife, 'you don't get to know that,' when you are leaving her presence after she's just clearly exhibited some serious mental health challenges?

What is likeable about a man who tells you he's not sure if your relationship is good enough... for ANYthing?

What is likeable about a man who says he loves you and want to have sex with you and then refuses to do so?

What is likeable about a man who doesn't communicate cleanly and clearly and honestly with all his partners?

Do you have support? Are you in therapy? Or have good friends who can care for you from time to time? If not, I highly recommend all of that.

oops, I didn't read page two. I'm with lovefromgirl. Run. Run all the miles.

I'm so sorry that church is letting you down. That sucks. Thank you for reaching out to the girl.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own...
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