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Funny, I came to this site looking for support and advice as Hubby and I entered into a poly relationship. What I found was judgment and a serious lack of general kindness. I am incredibly frustrated by this feeling of having to constantly justify the terms that Hubby and I have chosen to describe our sexual desire levels. These terms were chosen because they are widely accepted by the LGBTQA community and we use them in the same way that they are used by that community.

Asking clarifying questions is one thing. I am very happy to share personal experiences and establish understanding so that conversation can continue with all parties understanding the terms as they are being used.

As I see it, to constantly refuse to accept the term hypersexual is pretty judgmental. Telling me, my term is incorrect and that my husband is not hypersexual, but merely "super dee dooper" horny is pretty offensive.

Think about it; would you like it if I told you that you're not really poly amorous, just really, really, unable to commit to a 'proper' male-female model of marriage and commitment. It would not just be rude but you would most likely also be offended.

If you don't like the terms that I use, which are widely accepted, except (apparently) by you, then we do not really need to share in any communication.
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