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Originally Posted by greenearthal View Post
My experience was more the other way around. I met a really cool person that introduced me to UU and Poly. I guess through going to Opus (the UU worship retreat for UUYA(young adult) I did meet a lot more polys/poly-curious people).

I have found that congregations and churches vary a LOT. And even my big urban UU church seems a bit stiff to me at times. But I feel like any city I visit I can go to service at the local UU church and make a bunch of friends. I feel the same way about Quaker and UCC churches, but I feel like I have to confess to them that I will never subscribe to their doctrine. I prefer the UU church where there are but seven principles and nothing else to subscribe to. And all of the seven principles are totally cool with me.
There are UCC churches here as well. Their websites are not as in depth as the local UU congregations'. But we're planning on exploring both.

As per Jasmine's recommendation, I've been looking at the newsletters of the UU churches here to get a feel for them before we check them out.

I found a link I came across long ago when I was first researching UU as well.

It's a UU camp and conference center. In the Adirondacks (mountains yay!) They have spiritual retreats and camps there which seem as though they'd be fun and peaceful. I've added it to my list with the Pagan retreats. Places to meditate, ground and center, commune and reflect with kindred spirits are places I seek out.

I am hoping none of the UU churches here are stiff. Flexible is good. I do wish I had gotten a chance to go to one service at the UU where I used to live before I moved. But alas, onwards and upwards.

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