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Thanks for your comments fuchka and Annabel!


I did something quite big today. I came out of the poly closet in facebook! My hands are still shaking a bit. This was possible because I finally told my dad recently, so ever since that I've been thinking about this. And now that I started a new relationship, this seemed like a good moment. It's so exciting and scary!

I also told Evan about this blog yesterday. We have been so incredibly open to each other from the start that I felt like I couldn't write more about him unless I tell him that. He was happy that I told him but said that he probably won't be reading this, at least not at this point. And I'm actually quite happy with that decision. At the end of the day I don't have a problem with him reading this, but in a way it would be like him getting to know me, my thoughts and past too fast. We've just met, but there's so much stuff here that it would be a lot to take in at once.

Evan came to my place yesterday and cooked us dinner. It was delicious! I love how he can be really serious and intelligent and talk about meaningful things with me and then a moment later he's being very silly and funny.
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