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RG - dang, thats harsh, hmm, let me ask you this, does she seem genuinely sorry for having hurt you over this and is she obviously trying to help reassure you?

if your truly trying to be poly, talk to her about wanting to email him, cause my thoughts would be, if you tell her you want this to help you be okay and she wants to help ease things, she will be open to respecting your wishes, perhaps a bit timid at first, it shouldn't be you invidaing anything, it should her being as open as your both wanting her to be so you can make this work

so far, it sounds like she wants her cake and to eat it too, but she should be making sure your okay with things to, sharing the cake per se, sit down, discuss, let her know what you want to be okay with this and make sure she shares as much as you need/want her too, its a two way street, you don't have to just give and give, she should give too

sounds like you two really need to sit down and talk, openly, honestly, you're very awesome in wanting to give so much, just don't forget to take some back too, and please try not to stress, think of something else *hugs*
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