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Seems to me she wanted her cake and eat it to. And u get sniffs of it lol

Also. , why get mad at house thing? U make the $ it seems, saved on going to rent a room. Lol I get all of the "our bed" thing. But Uhm.. didn't she say break time and- move to different bed, claiming as her own. Oh lets not forget she put u two on hold. In what seems to me a perfect time for her, she can do what she wants, and not tell u,and it be peachy.

All in all. My opinion, u both made mistakes, starting from her side in my opinion, asking u to just deal with it, it'll be temp with the one guy.

And re reading it, did I read, she basically cheated on u? First. As she would go out of stare to this guys house, for days at a time. And u were ok with that? Man.. I gotta say, as I don't know her but seems yes, she ease a stripper. Who tend to over time feel their time is "worth something ". Uhm kinda materialistic. In a way. And u were shocked when she said yup they had sex, but oh hey it means thus,that, don't worry. Just keep going to work an paying the bills while I sleep in other room, an yet go visit a guy who wants me more then a friend, ,outta state an sleep in his bed? Lol

Dude, let it go. Ur better off. She sounds like she needs a dose of her own medicine, and relationship reality check
New to the site, and relieved that I found it. Realizing I'm not weird, but just different. After researching poly life, and finding comfort here.
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