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I think that a definition will make it easier for some to be able to tell people in full confidence that they are poly, knowing full well what they are saying is true for them. I flounder when I say I'm poly because I don't personally feel I can truly embrace the definition as it includes lifestyle choices that don't fit for me.

I seem to be the type to use a definition until I feel I can stand on my own two feet and then leave it... almost like learning to walk. A baby needs a coffee table to stand up to and then when it knows how to stand, that coffee table is still there, but not needed for that purpose anymore.

I guess the lack of definition makes me feel as if I am still learning to walk in my poly shoes whereas in other ways I am definitely walking just fine and don't even think about it anymore. I feel far more marginalized identifying as poly than I ever did when I identified as a Lesbian or even now as pansexual.
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