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Good for you!

* Accept his behaviors and limitations (and temper my expectations) on the issues that do not affect me in a negative way. When they do affect me in a negative way, I will address them. If the issues are unable to be altered in order to be respectful and courteous to the detriment of myself and our relationship, then I will choose to not be in a relationship with him. Until then, communicating these issues and taking care of myself is key.
I know I've always been a 'giver', and till it hurts... to the point where I realize I need to receive... and allow others to give to me. It's an odd place to be... but over this past year or so, I've been working on taking care of myself.
That is part of developing your personal standard for how YOU want to be treated. Even for how YOU want to be treating YOU.

I'm glad I could be of some help.

Funny you mention Meyers Briggs. Depending on whether I'm in a "people liking" mood or a "people annoyed" mood? I always play out as INTJ or INFJ.

In Simpsons Meyer's Briggs -- that makes me Mr Burns or Lisa Simpson.

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