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Things had been going much better between the two of us this last week, which was the first full-week of our new schedule we'd agreed upon. Today, while having lunch with W, she starts talking about her upcoming trip to Las Vegas with her mom, whom she is treating to this vacation as part of her mom's 60th Birthday. She plans a Mon-Sat. vacation with her mom. But then, she decides that she wants to do a "pre" vacation Fri-Mon with her guy.

Now, I have already had the discussion with her about how I'm very uncomfortable with stays over 24 hours with him, based on the last time she spent an entire day with him. I told her that after I get comfortable with our new schedule, and after we're more comfortable with our own relationship, and are making strides towards more emotional and physical imtimacy, I may reconsider. Until, then though, I am very uncomfortable with any long stays, to say nothing of a long weekend like she wants.

She gets quiet for a moment and says, "I think I'm going anyway". I didn't respond, but just left the restaurant after kissing her on the cheek on wishing her well the rest of the day.

Now how am I supposed to respond to this flagrant dismissal of my emotions and discomfort?
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