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U seem worried only about one side of these? The transgender person, and their safety, what about emotional, and verbal abuse the guy may also get after telling his friends, maybe family, mother, grandmother, etc.. bout this wonderful woman who hes so attracted too and click so good. An after first date, posting on fb, telling ppl about the date..then finding out the other info. Don't u think that can also, cause major problems? So my rock opinion is, its a gamble for both. And I just think its fair to be up front and everything during the process of courtship, since ur building the bond, and trust, an closeness to ...

And u seem more concerned with the wife, so its not ok for a married man to meet,converse with a woman (since its based off, everything before first date is not 100% up front and honest. An trial first date),with out sharing that info.. he has to say, I'm married, but a transgender can with hold also, as important information..?

I wanna add, I'm hoping ur not getting mad, lol I'm just conversing, debating, and for me, that'd how I learn. This is great! I love learning new prospectives of things, that's how I think ideals and opinions can, change. (I'm re reading that last sentence lol don't want it to, but sounded like I'm saying ur opinion, but I'm meaning mine, lol )
New to the site, and relieved that I found it. Realizing I'm not weird, but just different. After researching poly life, and finding comfort here.
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