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Don't mention it if it's not relevant. It adds nothing to the debate.

Same as when you talk about 'sex' and 'gender'. You can talk about definitions all you want, but my belief is this:

If someone is meeting someone that he believes is a woman for a date, he deserves to know if she was once classified as a boy or a man.

I'm not saying that trans women aren't 'women' as such, but there is a difference between a trans women and a woman who was born as a woman (sorry, I mean girl...very important that).

Your definitions of sex and gender imply that a person can be classified sex male, but gender female. Is that what you're getting at? If that's the case then you can replace all my previous versions of the word gender with sex.

You seem to like to debate details that make little difference to the overall argument, almost as a smokescreen to make your initial point more correct 'see, if I'm right on all this other stuff, then I must be right on everything'.

I will restate the point - just because my understanding of every single definition around (of which there are many) may be slightly out of kilter with what's in the dictionary (or indeed, your dictionary), does not make me 'transphobic'.
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