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I got the semantics part out of the way because it annoyed me because I'm a grammar Nazi (although this isn't grammar). Of course it has nothing to do with the issue.

Gender is an identity that has nothing to do with what genitals you currently own or have ever owned. That's why I say you know nothing about gender when you state that people "deserve to know the real gender". Their real gender is and always has been female.

The options at birth are not just boy and girl, there is also IS, but that's beside the point. What a doctor decides based on genitals he or she sees at birth is not gender. It's assigned sex. It's an important distinction, and since it seems you didn't get that from my previous post, I felt I had to at least clarify that last bit.

The reason I call you transphobic is because you have been repeatedly stating that trans women "aren't real women" or that their gender is not female, or that they have "changed their gender". These statements are transphobic and disrespectful.
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