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Originally Posted by dakid View Post
i find your friend's attitude very wierd for lots of reasons.
thanks for bringing that up. I too have found this and as a result was intrigued by his thoughts. It does sound much like he would just take it so he can get laid after that... I guess there is no harm in that, but just not what I would want.

At play events here there is the same standard and practice as you explain about London. At home I will engage in play that will end in sex, or revolves around genitals. He was talking about a private party, and possibly just him and another that are interested in each other. That would make a difference I think. I have never seen him play at an event. Then again I have only been to one he has been at.

Yes, it is about the people playing and their relationship to each other and their negotiated arrangements. I have that worked out,,, just need to find someone that is interested.
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