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Originally Posted by Tonberry View Post
Nobody is a woman from birth. A woman is an adult female. You're not adult from birth. Just repeating that part because it annoys me.
This is simply semantics, and I don't know why it would annoy you. Obviously I'm talking about a girl, rather than a woman. It doesn't score you any points in the wider debate.

When a birth is registered, there are 2 options - boy or girl. If the baby has a penis, it is a boy.

To say I'm transphobic because I disagree with you that a person has the right to know something fundamental like gender, or whether a person has changed gender in their life before meeting them in a dating scenario is ridiculous. It's nothing against trans - it's just that people have certain preferences, and they have a right to know this stuff before getting romantically involved, in my opinion.

Also, you've taken my point about meeting people for a date and tried to make it sound like I'm saying that a trans person has to announce this to every single person in every single social situation. Not true. I'm just saying that if you meet someone under the context of it being a 'date', where at some point there may be some romantic interest, that's the point when you have to tell them this.

When you make a point and say things like 'you obviously know nothing about gender', 'this annoys me' and then attempt to take the higher ground by saying you won't enter into the debate any further - it just shows that you're struggling to express yourself in either a mature or calm fashion.
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