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Nobody is a woman from birth. A woman is an adult female. You're not adult from birth. Just repeating that part because it annoys me.

You don't seem to know what gender means, otherwise you wouldn't talk about people having the right to know a person's gender. Trans women's gender is female, same as cis women's. Assigned sex at birth might be different, yes, but that's not gender.

I do agree that people should know what someone's private parts look like before they have sex with them, and since sex is an expected component, it should come up at some point. And I do think the sooner the better so you don,t end up getting emotionally attach to someone who's only going to end up rejecting you. But it's not lying or hiding anything when a trans woman doesn't say "I have a penis" the first second she meets someone. There is some level of privacy to be expected, and it's a matter of respect not to demand women explain what their genitals look like to people who are still strangers to them. The same would go for men, obviously.

I should probably stop here, as I don't seem I have any chance of convincing you. You seem extremely transphobic and I don't think a conversation between us is likely to get anywhere.
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