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Originally Posted by ManofDiscovery View Post
I don't see the problem. Would you like to explain?
Your analogy places the woman as a product for you to own. A date is not you "acquiring" someone, it's two people getting to know each other. Being trans is, in my opinion, something that a partner should know about yourself, and part of getting to know each other, but there certainly is no obligation to wear it as a label like a product in a store would have.

While you're dating, you get to know each other, but that can't all happen at once, and of course it can be tricky to know exactly when the right time is to say each thing.

On top of that, you have done it again: you have insinuated that trans women aren't women from birth. They happen to have a penis, but that doesn't mean they're not women (well, they'd start up as girls, obviously, but you know what I mean).
Excluding the case of genderfluid people who might switch from male to female, or people who do not have a gender at all, generally people have the same gender from the get go. What their genitals look like, if irrelevant in one case, should be irrelevant in the other, too.
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