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Originally Posted by BoringGuy View Post
(To whomever it may concern: Feel free to refrain from lecturing me or making third-person disapproving commentary because you don't like the fact that I answered by posting links to other threads without sharing a personal anecdote that is relevant to the topic. Been there, done that, gave at the office and got the free T-shirt.)
Thanks, I will, but I'll also feel free to respond, seeing as how it's a public message board.

I personally see no problem with posting links as a reply to a two line general question that could be posted just out of curiosity. But for those times when someone posts in a fragile emotional state and obviously needs support, if you're going to reply then imo the responsible, mature thing to do is to try to provide some support along with the links, otherwise why on earth are you bothering to spend your time replying in the first place? It's a matter of sensitivity to the situation, which shouldn't be terribly difficult to put into practice.
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