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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Well, I think this statement helps pinpoint the problem. I assumed, and perhaps SC did also, that you were referring to a thread that has not been removed, and one in which I participated. That thread still exists, I just checked. In actuality, I thought you were referring to things I'd stated. How about you explain which thread you meant? What was it about?
I probably just didn't search hard enough. I clicked through my own statistics page that links to all threads I've been a part of and it was missing from there.

To paraphrase the thread (or that part that was offensive), a writer equated homosexual behavior with lack of manliness. As I speak my mind pretty easily (it's part of my work life), I had to say something back, so I did.

I don't remember seeing anything you wrote in the thread, but then I wasn't looking at names, just the content really.

Anyway, I'm sure people are reading this and thinking why I'm making such a big deal out of this, sooooo, I'm not going to say anymore on this and slowly exit this thread without anyone seeing.....(quickly exits stage left)...
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