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Last Thursday (a week ago) I was angsty and irritable. I leaned heavily on MrS to assuage my angst - even though he wasn't the cause of it. He gave and gave until I had asked one too many times - then he snapped and felt bad because he couldn't "make" me feel better. Oops. This snapped me into perspective and I addressed things appropriately.

Good for a day or two.

Then I am back to cranky and irritable due to another minor issue...lather. rinse. repeat.

Tuesday I was home with both of my boys and had a LOVELY homey evening (nothing out of the ordinary, just everyday warm lovingness).

Wednesday - they had plans and were gone before I got home, missed them but no issues. They ended up staying with friends but I txt'd / spoke with each of them before bed.

Today, inexplicably happy and content - despite the fact that I wouldn't see them again until late at night and they would probably be asleep. Snippets of Tuesday evening comfortably running through my brain.

Right now? MrS snoring in the bed, Dude snoring on the couch, dogs snoring on the floor. Me catching up on my poly "stories" here and just ... really happy with my life.


PS. With regards to my recent bouts of angst/irritability with Dude - I think that these are relationship "growing pains" - we've had several months of calm seas since the NRE has worn off and are now learning to relate to each other as we "really are" - nothing major, no huge blow-ups - but a necessary adjustment. (After each "bout" I find we are closer and more and more on the "same page" - I think I did the same sort of thing with MrS years ago...just feels new and raw since I am out of practice?)

PPS. I really AM a crotchety cynical curmudgeon at heart...these boys just somehow manage to melt that into warm contentment on a regular basis - what a magic trick!
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