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You're having someone move into your house who has already shown disrespect for your other partners and relationships. From Yumi's description of the situation there was enough reason to suspect you might be using her a bit. I'm a stranger on the internet; I have no reason to trust you. Glad I was wrong and you don't have a problem with her telling you "No" but since I don't know either of you, yeah, I offered a solution that might help her more comfortably and safely refuse to do something she seemed to feel overly pressured into doing. I'm a huge fan of honesty in HEALTHY relationships, but I'm also a fan of respect and personal boundaries, which you weren't showing, so I'll admit I was a little less concerned about the level of honesty you received.

And maybe you should read some of the other THOUSANDS of other advice posts here before you judge based on one thread where folks gave responses you didn't like.
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