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ADMIN: Attention, folks.

I've removed several posts from this thread. Just so y'all know, if posts wander OT and aren't useful tangents, they'll be removed from a thread. You can wander off on tangents that are useful and positive or neutral--if things aren't useful and get toxic, the messages will get deleted.

I have yet to play with all of the controls available, though I expect I can put folks on moderation if necessary. I really don't want to do that--plus I doubt Olivier would want us to do so--but I certainly will to keep the discussion reasonable.

You're free to respond to other people's ideas. The converse of that is this: criticism of your ideas is not criticism of you as a person. If you get offended simply because somebody disagrees with you, it's your problem; if you make it ours, expect deletions and so forth.

Passive-aggressive snark is also troublesome, so expect that to have consequences, too.

We've been working on a set of guidelines to post and I find that they need to be expanded a bit. I'll work to get those posted this weekend for one and all to read. Once those go up, you'll have those to draw on to know what is acceptable and what is not.
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