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Yes. BD that is a judgement that I made and should have- I am sorry. I didn't understand from SC that she felt she had parented her step-daughter, she only spoke about her lover parenting his daughter, who is older (20) not sure she grew up with SC.

Helo, I see your point. I am should not make the mistake and speak for others, sorry. My own experience is that I never knew how intensely I would feel about this particular relationship until I had an infant who was solely helpless and I had to raise. Do other people have similar feelings?

It is SC comments like this "I agree that 10 or 12 is too young for most people to have sex. But you know what? It's not your body, and it's not your choice. Is it the right choice? Probably not. But that's their mistake to make. You can't teach a kid anything by shielding them from reality. Life comes with difficult choices and is full of mistakes."

That make me feel misunderstood. I do not agree that a 10 year old in in charge of their body and that it is "their choice". Would you guys think smoking or doing coke is a ten-year-olds "choice". I think that for a parent to even allow that to happen is abuse. It's not that I believe I own my son's body, but that it is my responsibility to protect him. There is a long distance between 11 and say, even 14...
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