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Default A bright light

Recently on another thread, in response to my comment about the seemingly somewhat negative tone of the average post, Autumnal Tone wrote:

"And the folks who have years of happiness where it doesn't fall apart--you think they're going to be posting about all of their non-dramatic continuation in their relationships? Would anybody want to read a post that says, essentially "Still together, yup"?"(End quote)

I responded that yes, I thought some people might like to hear about something implying a happy ending was possible. While reading Phy's blog today I came across some interesting other remarks which suggest to me that I am not alone in finding good news and normalcy reassuring.

JaneQSmythe wrote to Phy:
"From my perspective, please keep posting! People tend to post here when they have problems. Being able to point to "successful" poly relationships I think has beneficial effects and is encouraging to those who are just starting out." (End quote)

rory wrote to Phy:
"I think there are way too few examples here of stable, drama-free poly living. I don't know what exists in the 'real world', but the relationship corner is full of stories one more horrifying than next (though not all posts over there are like that), and I feel this forum gives quite a disproportional picture of what poly must be like. I think it must be healthy to have at least some members writing who are making it work without huge amounts of drama. Even if that means that we don't often feel there's much poly related to post since it's just life." (End quote)

I hope it is acceptable to quote from other member's comments from someone else's blog. I saw nothing clearly forbidding it, but apologize if it was out of line.

I think there is an element of learning what *not* to do in reading some of the crash and burn threads here, and that has value. I also believe that for those of us who want the minimum amount of drama in our lives, these success stories can give us hope that our dreams can possibly come true. Thank you to the members quoted above, and to Phy, for shining a positive light out there for this newbie.
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