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AJ1... thanks for the response. I agree with you, the texting etiquette is pretty poor. And I like the compromise of doing it once an hour. I might recommend that to him. It's incredibly tough for him to not react to a message on his phone, though (his own baggage of being without many friends for a couple decades of his life, very overweight, celibate)... his need to keep the ball bouncing sometimes in the moment is, I think, compulsory.

I suppose I do feel a little jealous. I think it's the wind down into year and a half land (honeymoon coming to an end) and his NRE with people he's meeting taking up a good amount of energy and sexual stamina...while I'm feeling slighted by his reasoning that he doesn't have that energy with me on a 'school night', yet he had 2 long encounters this week on 'school nights'.

And I agree... having the conversation over text isn't the best. We won't see each other until tomorrow night, and he doesn't prefer phone contact. He would rather wait until we're in person to have these conversations... while I'd rather get my thoughts out sooner than later... and I think I come across better when I can edit, correct, and think out my intentional thoughts...

But it is better to communicate in person, by far, of course...

Thanks for your thoughts...
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