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Default oh yeah Poly's big in Seattle

The numbers and support of poly in Seattle area is continually amazing!

Tal's got it down by getting on the meetup site and finding gatherings. Turns out there are bunches and more adding all the time.

There's even a Trampoline Dodgeball meetup on the East side for one of them; How COOL is that!! (& might be a good place to meet the "younger" people of poly? Stereotyping I know but hey, 'if it works'!)

DP; it can feel a little intimidating to attend a meetup (was for me!) but bet you'll find just a few minutes into meetup you'll feel comfortable and wrapped in 'WOW' listen to this and that person looks so cool/fun/hot...

I've only attended two meetups and of the 15 to 24 that showed up most all were NEW to the meetup and/or new to poly. My First Husband has attended a few more and seems to be the same story. Makes sense that established poly's don't have as much time for those but the sheer numbers of newbies seems continuous. You will be welcomed, encouraged and most likely befriended.

One of my fav's was a guy who'd moved to SEA area from the Southwest and how he kept being COMPLETELY blown away that we were in a public coffee shop talking OUT LOUD about being poly and such because where he'd lived before that NEVER happens. In his former city, people who are different are practically scorned and are very careful to look the same, not make waves; he knew of only one person who was 'out' as gay in that SW area.

He's such a great guy and it was fantastic to see how Seattle is so NOT like that! Guess that's why even though I don't flaunt my polyness, I'm not really hiding it either.

Another FANTASTIC local resource is "The Center" CSPC (Center for Sex Positive Culture). Seriously google it! It's got an terrific library, classes, events.... It brings together all aspects of alternative lifesyles choices with the sweetest, kindest and in many cases kinkiest people!! It's unique to SEA but other met. areas are starting to duplicate it. Maybe not the best poly resource but if you cross over to 'alternative' its awesome and it was how we got introduced to the poly meetups....

Private Message me if you're looking for local coffee buddies. My first husband's an awesome guy, good buddy to have and/or we could attend a meetup with ya so you're not totally on your own. (My Other Husband is an awesome guy too in case you were wondering bout my FH phrasing, LOL--just that OH lives 90 mins north)

Cheers! & best of luck!

P.S. PB's if I meet your mtn girl I'll send her your way
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