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Originally Posted by YGirl View Post
I'm sorry if i seemed like an asshole when i wrote that message. It just looks like that couple is trying to find someone to fill certain roles than to relate to someone they care about, from the way it was described.
Yeah, without the entire history, it could seem that way...But we'd been friends for a long time before I finally managed to get out of a very bad marriage, and they did a lot to support me and it's gone back and forth, and we care about each other and we're all sure about being good friends and being pretty involved in each other's lives....the point of contention is that she'd never even thought about poly before I finally got rid of the douchebag. The first time I lived with them was during a temporary separation from my ex, and that was when I sort of settled into a role in their household, and everything just kind of clicked.
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