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Originally Posted by StitchwitchD View Post
I worry about this, because I'm trying to get custody of my kids, and my ex has tried to use his suspicions about my sex life against me in court to show that I was an unfit mother- but it was a non-issue at that point because he couldn't prove anything and my lawyer said that as long as I wasn't doing anything illegal (pedophilia, necrophilia, bestiality) and I wasn't doing anything inappropriate in front of the kids, no one cared.

This idea that multi-partner relationships are a detriment to children is probably going to be the biggest hurdle to cross in my mind. People who's kids consider me their uncle still needed a fair bit of reassurance that my presence was not going to confuse and disturb Redpepper's son. Even their kids sometimes accidentally refer to me as Dad LOL!

Hopefully someone will take on an extensive and unbiased study to ascertain what affects this has on children. Sad to say, but for the studies to be accepted I believe they will have to be done in the countries we live in as people will ignorantly choose to disregard the examples present in other cultures around the world.

This will be the biggest boon for acceptance and protection in my opinion. Redpepper, her husband and I had a video conference with one British author working on a book about differing family structures and child development. Perhaps that will be a good resource in the future.

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