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Darling effectively broke up with Chatty. He realized that he had only started a relationship out of pity (her husband started seeing Darling's wife and Chatty was not dealing well) and then seeing her just became a habit. He really only wants to have her as a close friend. He loves Chatty as a friend but is not in love with her. He knows that their romantic relationship was not healthy. Chatty has Borderline Personality Disorder and he has allowed her to become completely emeshed with him.

He wants to divorce his wife and legally marry me. His wife is okay with this arrangement. She and he have been roomates for many years and she is involved in a long term relationship.

At first Chatty was upset and angry, blaming me. Then she all of a sudden (like the next day) became calm and agreeable to Darling. Now she is taking everything very well. Almost too well. I am cautious. Very cautious. Based upon past experiences, this seems too good to be true. Call me paranoid but I see something brewing. Darling, ever the optomist, is estatic that she wants to just be friends. I have had limited contact with her for over a month and Darling wants to re-introduce her into our life as just a friend.

Am I being paranoid or should I prepare myself?
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