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So what's going on today? Well at the moment I am just dating one wonderful lady... but there seems to be something blooming with a cute boy who I shall name Gadiel ;D

I'm pretty sure he's liked me for a while, but I only had a small amount of returned feelings, so I didn't pursue it, but at the beginning of this week, my affections suddenly super increased. It was crazy. It went from oh hai to OH HEY THERE in a couple days! Crazy brain!


So he's really cute and rather shy to, and it's adorable! And I see him a fair amount because he's a grad student in my department (I'm an undergrad) and we are both on our department's floor/computer lab all the time.
And Monday he invited me to go with him and the other grad students to watch a movie so I did and that was awesome!

So then Wenesday (yesterday), I had made some mushroom curry (the beef had spoiled so used mushrooms instead ): ) because one of my friend's had never had curry, but then she ended up not feeling well and not coming to class.
So I had all this curry and didn't want it to go to waste... so I had the crazy idea to offer him some! I can't believe I actually did it too, I'm miserably shy and nervous XD
But it went over really well and I'm pretty sure the other grad students who were in the room at the time teased him once I left XD

I hope everything goes over well, because I really really like him, but I'm starting to think now of when/how/etc to have they "Hey-I'm-Poly" conversation.
Not looking forward to that ):
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