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Originally Posted by bobcat725 View Post
My husband of almost 12 years (DR) and I (DM) have been relatively new to poly (< 1 year), following this forum and occasionally adding our 2 cents these past few months.

Many many ups and downs since I have begun seeing someone, both at home and with lover (S).

But we're still in it (all parties).

Tomorrow DR and S meet for the first time, having lunch here at our house. It feels like "it's time." We had actually planned on a meeting over a month ago, but that fell apart and obviously it became clear then that none of us were ready.

So, my question is.... uh, what the hell are we going to talk about when we all sit down together? It just seems so.... strange.... that my two men will be in each other's company, with me. They are so VASTLY different from one another. I myself, tonight, imagine that tomorrow, when S gets here, and they meet, I'm either going to crack up from nervousness, or desolve into tears.

Any advice? What to talk about and not talk about? Taboos to avoid?

I'm not going to get a wink of sleep.

Looking forward to some guidance :-)
My primary partner and secondary partner see each other at least once or twice a week with me being there and they just talk, talk about games, tv etc. does your partners have any issues they need or want to talk about? if no then I think it will be just about getting to know each other. x
in a relationship with A, open to women only.
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