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Smile Brand new, figuring this out as we go along!

Hello all!

How I came here would be quite the long story, but the short version is; Boyfriend of 3 years fell for a mutual friend, and her for him. We tried to go back to being an exclusive couple, but just didn't feel the same as before, and missing her was terrible for both of us, as we've all been together sexually and she's one of my best friends. Realized our happiest moments were the post-coital snuggles between the three of us when we felt freed from the restraints of confined relationships and just embraced love, so we're going to give that a try and see how it goes. Came here because I'm very young, still in college and just 18 as well as being brand new to this, and would really love the support of a group of people who've already been though this and are of a similar mindset to us.

Boyfriend and S (mutual friend) are both straight, while I am bisexual. S will do things with me when we're all together, but isn't comfortable with a relationship between just us, so I suppose we're a "V" sexually but a "Triangle" emotionally? I'm still not certain of these terms, or if they're really used at all haha, but those are the closest definition I can find. Hopefully some of you can help us with that.

Looking forward to getting involved, Rhaenes.
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