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Originally Posted by MeeraReed View Post
What a moving story.

I'm so sorry about your dog. How devastating. That must have been a horrific ordeal.

May I ask, how is the surviving dog doing?
My other pup is doing quite good. She was very beat up from the accident, a lot of brusing and one nasy laceration...bad enough that I had to leave her with Husband when I moved, but he tells me that she has healed up completely and is ready to fly to me. I can't wait to have her back!

Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Well, OK. I just think... well, you can find a nice friend anywhere. Isnt the main thing to meet your h's needs for more sex? As another horny person, I can relate to him, you see. Hopefully he will meet someone you like, but she may not be available to you as a friend , either emotionally or because of time and distance restraints. She may not want a "cuddle buddy."

A home? That is really putting the cart before the horse. Let your h have some cuddles, laughs and romance leading to sex. Finding a single woman who wants to move in with a couple smacks of unicorn hunting.

Heh, I'm sure he's a great guy with the patience of Job. I wonder... this term hypersexual, does that come from the asexual community? Or does anything more than 3 or 4 times a week count as hyper? Anyone can answer this, I am just curious.

OK, so we don't know yet if his current gf is willing to keep seeing him even though he's now married again but living separately?
We all have certian expectations of who we want to spend our lives with. As children we imagine meeting our 'Prince' who will whisk us away on his big horse and ride us away to live in his castle in the clouds. Then we grow up and realize that that 'Prince' just isn't going to happen so we come up with different desires in our lifemate(s). Even then we realize that some of those desires just don't/wont fit into reality so we adjust our desires. Cut me a little slack as I'm still in the adjustment period. I have an general idea of what I desire in a metamour, however I also realize that some of those desires/expectaions just won't happen. I do have a bare minimum expectation as well. -I refuse to be disrespected or mistreated by anyone in my life or by anyone involved with my husband. And my husband feels the same way.

The nice thing about being a grown up and being in a poly lifestyle with other grown ups is that I don't feel a need to justify my lifestyle choices or way of life to anyone.

Originally Posted by kdt26417 View Post

I had not heard of the word "hypersexual" before. I'd be surprised to find out it came from the asexual community; after all, they are trying to tell us that it's okay to have an "unusual frequency" of desire for sex. In fact if "hypersexual" means "wants a lot of sex," then the word for "wants little/no sex" would be hyposexual. Neither word really works.

I don't think it's "abnormal" to want sex once a year or many times a day, there's all kinds of different people, with a wide range of characteristics. Which if anything, makes the world more fun and interesting.

I don't think "hypersexual" was meant in a bad way, I just don't know what a good word would be to use as a substitute. Supersexual perhaps? Something with more of a positive spin on it.

Just thinking out loud,
Kevin T.
I originally did find the term Hypersexual in a list of definitions on the AVEN forum but the term actually dates back to the late 1800s. More recently is has been discussed as a disorder to add to the DSM-V, but has been rejected at this time. But then again once upon a time Homosexuality was listed in the DSM and we see how well that worked out.
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