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Originally Posted by StitchwitchD View Post
That all makes sense in an ideal world....But in real life, things don't always go as planned, there can be unexpected factors like health problems, job loss, economic downturns, inflation that requires budgets to be constantly updated, and sometimes the only way to get through all the crap life throws at you is to have some kind of support network- which in other eras usually meant extended family, but poly can definitely be that.

I didn't mean to imply that it was- but one of the benefits of being in a live-in poly relationship is having multiple other adults to share the work of running a household, and have more incomes with little increase in expenses. It's just not reasonable to expect to get those benefits without making an emotional investment in the person/people providing them---unless of course you just get a roommate and figure out a fair way to divide everything up.
I'm sorry if i seemed like an asshole when i wrote that message. It just looks like that couple is trying to find someone to fill certain roles than to relate to someone they care about, from the way it was described.
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