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Default It depends

I myself have issues and have always been attracted to those with issues. I just get tired of all the drama it sometimes bring. I have had my share of interesting I just want something more calm now.

I know I cannot handle stress. I used to be in an extremely abusive relationship, in which I was almost killed 2x. I went back like a dummy. I totally understand people that do. I just don't want to fall into something like that again.

My husband has anger problems. He has never taken it out on me (physically) and that is where I draw the line. I am not going back down that road, ever. He knows he has to deal with it and when he seems to be getting out of control we know to just keep a distance. I don't deal with it, he does.

My ex was narcissist and psychopathic. He was an extreme drug user and would only see people for what he could get out of them.

Then I have my issues with PTSD, and that just makes it too heavy to be adding more to my situation.
At this time: open sexless marriage.

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